How to pass a video selfie to verify an account?

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Instructions for App

Once you uploaded the requested documents, we will send a request to take a video selfie. You will find it by going to Account -> Account status -> and then you will see "Take a video selfie". It will also appear as a banner above the watchlist. Select it and click on "Continue". After that, follow the instructions and click on "I'm ready". You will be informed after the process has been successfully completed - the message saying "Your selfie has been recorded" will be shown.

Instructions for Web

Once liveness is requested, you will be getting a pop-up message every time you open the platform.
You should click on "Take a video selfie" and a new pop-up will appear. You will see another pop-up requesting permission to use your camera. After you have granted permission, you will need to follow the instructions. In order to take the selfie, you have to move your head around a circle to make all grey lines green.
Upon the completion of this step, you can close the pop-up and wait until your account is verified.
If you do not have a camera on your laptop/computer, you may choose to continue with the account verification on your phone. In this case, click on "Continue on a phone" and you will see a QR code to be scanned by your device. Alternatively, you can copy the link and open it on your phone.
It will direct you to the same page as on our web platform but you will be able to use the phone camera instead.
While you are using your mobile device, another pop-up will appear on your desktop informing that the verification is in progress.

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